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Welcome to OkaySignal!

Do you have a relative or friend that lives alone? OkaySignal provides a QUICK and EASY way for them to regularly notify others that they are okay.

OkaySignal is an application and a website that work together.

The application lets a person, with the click of a button or the tap of a key, send a signal. This signal is converted to a pre-defined e-mail message and delivered to a group of designated recipients.

The signals let you know the person sending the signal is okay. The ABSENCE of these signals can alert you to a problem.

OkaySignal is the OPPOSITE of an emergency response button. With OkaySignal, rather than pressing a button when there is a problem, a person instead presses a button to indicate all is well.

"Mom lives alone now. She checks-in every morning by nine. I like knowing, every day, that Mom is okay."

OkaySignal is especially helpful for:

  • People who live ALONE
  • SENIORS/OLDER ADULTS pursuing aging-in-place/independent living
  • STUDENTS living away from home
  • TRAVELERS (domestic, international, business, and pleasure)
  • ANYONE who would like, or benefit from, more-frequent monitoring

Using OkaySignal is EASY! OkaySignal can even be used by people who have NEVER used a computer!

The OkaySignal application includes support for people with certain:


People who are unable to type or use a computer mouse can STILL use OkaySignal!

OkaySignal is FASTER and EASIER than a phone call!

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